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About Century Games

Founded in 2010, Century Games is a global leader in delivering exceptional gaming experiences. With over 1,000 talented professionals worldwide, the company is dedicated to connecting the world with happiness.

Today, Century Games stands as a rare gem in the gaming industry, distinguished by its creation of leading titles across multiple genres, including casual, role-playing, and strategy games. Notable creations include Whiteout Survival, Family Farm Adventure, Dragonscapes Adventure, Frozen City, and more. In addition to mobile games, Century Games is also a top Roblox developer, with its experiences, LiveTopia and Metro Life, each boasting tens of millions of monthly active users.

Pioneering the exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, Century Games is committed to shaping the future of gaming. As of 2023, the company ranks among the world's top 20 game developers and publishers according to Sensor Tower.